Hi there - I'm Alex...

So... you've made it through the wild woods - and to the about me section of the site - welcome! However - this is not about Alex - it's about you!

Alex joined the real estate business to make a difference in peoples lives, having worked in the banking and finance industry for 12 years - he carries his knowledge of the mortgage finance industry with him to help you in this journey to make it a seamless and comprehensive process.

On top of this - Alex has been in your shoes many times - from purchasing his first home and investment property alone - to collaborating with others on the same endeavours allowing him to balance the needs of others and integrate into the property search. 

Alex has worked through multiple renovations, properties purchased as vacation rentals, residential rentals, and don't forget - the hidden gem - the personal home. He will utilize all of his experience to work with you through the process, and help you prioritize what matters in your purchase or sale, and ultimately reach your goals. 
Alex Devocht
Alex Devocht
1428 W 7th Ave Vancouver BC V6H 1C1
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